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2017-2018 First Competition Instructions

Standard Rules and Procedures

These instructions are common to almost every competition, so we're only listing them once.

To Participate:

  1. Create a Kaggle account if you don't already have one by clicking "sign up" in the top right.
  2. Click on the competition link, which will be posted in the lecture table on this page.
  3. Download the training and testing data.
  4. Download any shell code from the website.
  5. Write your algorithm and train it on the training data.
  6. Then, test it on the testing data, creating a submission file with the predicted ground truth in the format shown in the sample submission file.
  7. Upload your submission file and see your results!
  8. Tweak your code, repeating steps 5-8 to improve your accuracy and move up the leaderboard.


  1. Use Python. Everything we do is in Python this year. Unless otherwise specified, do not use any ML library other than numpy.
  2. The Competition ends at 11:59:00 PM the following Tuesday.
  3. The leaderboard on Kaggle that you can see is the public leaderboard, which is your accuracy for some percentage of the testing data. Your final rankings will be based on the private leaderboard, which is based on the other part of the testing data and will become public as soon as the competition ends. This is to prevent you from just writing an algorithm to overfit the testing data, which defeats the purpose of the competition.