2019-2020 Rankings

2018-2019 Overall Rankings

With our third year finished, we congratulate our top 3 students for their success in quizzes, problem sets, and coding competitions!

Rank Student
1 Saahith Janapati
2 Aarav Khanna
3 Krish Ganotra

2017-2018 Overall Rankings

Another year of Machine Learning Club has concluded. This year's rankings include results from competitions, quizzes, and problem sets. Congratulations to our top 3 students!

Rank Student
1 Vinay Bhaip
2 Alan Zheng
3 Joseph Rejive

2016-2017 Overall Rankings

The inaugural year of Machine Learning Club has come to a close. Congratulations to our top 3 students from 2016-2017!

Rank Student
1 Sylesh Suresh
2 Rishabh Krishnan
3 Amrit Gorle

These results show the students who scored the best on our club-run competitions. In each club-run competition, a dataset and instructions were given to students following the lecture and code was due before the next meeting.